After Rawyia Zreik, we are welcoming in my research group (statistical learning and networks) another new Ph. D. student Arnaud de Myttenaere.

Arnaud is a 2013 graduate from ENSAE ParisTech and ENS Cachan (Research Master MVA). During his Master he studied graph theory, econometrics, time series, MCMC, and biostatistics. He started working at Viadeo in May 2013 as a social network analyst, and is joining us as a PhD Student (CIFRE) to continue his work on recommender systems in social networks. In his spare time, Arnaud enjoys running and he is also a passionate about machine learning and is a regular challenger in Kaggle competitions

I'm particularly looking forward for this thesis for a lot of reasons. In no particular order:

  • this is the first academic thesis sponsored by Viadeo (in the context of the cifre system that favor industrial partnership), big pressure!
  • this is a major opportunity of testing ideas and new methods on a real system with all the difficulties and rewards that implies;
  • Arnaud is super motivated, so are our partners at Viadeo;
  • this is the first thesis between my lab (the SAMM) and the computer science lab of Paris 1, the CRI;
  • and I'll be coadvising Arnaud with my friend Bénédicte Le Grand.