Closing 2012

I've finished two important things during the last school holidays that sort of closed 2012 for me:

  1. my bibtex to html program finally outputs publication lists ordered by type (see here);
  2. my final 2012 paper (on temporal graph analysis) has been published.

New website in production

The short comings of my publication page generator were the only major reason to keep my old web site as the production one. While the new publication pages are not as complete as the old ones (my didactic articles are still unavailable), I've decided it was time to move on. My new Jekyll base web site is now the default site on and the old website is at Transition errors are somehow mitigated via a specific 404 not found page.

Updated 2012 research summary

I also took the opportunity of publishing my last 2012 paper to give a final touch to my 2012 research summary. It includes a rather complete presentation of my activities and publications in 2012.


13 January 2013